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Knowledge Translation, Exchange and Mobilization (KTE)

KTE consists of methods to translate, share, and exchange academic research to increase its access and applicability to the public and the specific groups that should benefit from that research.1 The Benoit Lab prioritizes the creation of meaningful and culturally informed research, and we understand our responsibility to ensure our studies are as accessible as possible. Our infographics initiative aims to provide an easy-to-understand and visual description of our projects that anyone can access. As we continue with this initiative, we hope to increase the accessibility of our projects.


  1. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2023, March 19). Guide to Knowledge Translation Planning at CIHR: Integrated and End-of-Grant Approaches.

Systematic reviews - Mental Health

Walking for Harm Reduction through Street Engagement - WHiSE 2.0

WHise 2.0 poster FINAL (March 10th 2023).png

Indigenous Women Surviving the Sixties Scoop

Indigenous Women's Stress Study

FINAL The impact of a stress management intervention including cultural components on stre

Definitions of Etuaptmumk/Two-Eyed Seeing

Looking Beyond the Individual

Looking beyond the individual–The importance of accessing health and cultural services for

Impact of the Housing First Harm Reduction Model

Housing infographoc.png

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